3 Ways to Home Brew Coffee – The Coffee Guide

If the thought of a great coffee in the morning romanticises your tastebuds, yet you just don’t know where to start. We have you covered.

  1. The Bialetti is arguably the most difficult coffee maker on this list to master. As it is a stovetop design, it requires a great deal more precision and attention than the others on this list. It is worth every second of your time, however. With the Bialetti you are able to make espresso for that great shot or for a latte in the comfort of your home.
  2. The French Press is the one on this list that takes the least amount of effort. In fact, the French Press is so easy to use it feels like cheating. It isn’t in case you were wondering. The French Press allows for multiple cups of coffee with ease. All it takes it heating up the water and having rough ground coffee to make. Pour the heated water in to the coffee and let sit for a few minutes and you are sipping on magnificent coffee.
  3. The Pour Over is the most time tasking way of making coffee in your own home. Like the French Press you are making standard brewed coffee. That is where it ends as far as standard goes. The Pour Over requires the filter and finely ground beans. You pour the ground beans in to the paper filter that is placed with the Pour Over, set the Pour over the top of your mug and slowly pour your water not letting the water get more than a centimeter or two over the grounds. This effort is not a waste of time if you are looking to fully relax.

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